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Kony Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Orlando, Florida and Hyderabad, India. Incorporated in the year 2007, Kony has experienced dramatic customer and headcount growth, having grown revenue 534% in the last three years. The company employs approximately 1400 people of who over 75% are in R&D, support and services. No other company has committed this amount of resources to mobile application development, and no other vendor has even half the resources available for continued expansion and platform improvement that Kony is able to provide.

Kony is a mobile solutions provider that delivers the industry’s broadest, deepest, and most-future proof mobile application platform for both B2C and B2E implementations. Adopted by major global brands for millions of users and billions of device sessions, the Kony Platform enables enterprises to deliver rich, compelling user experiences (HTML5, native, hybrid) across all devices – with no compromise, and all from a single, unified code base. Kony’s pre-built mobile apps, application management, and mobile testing solutions enable organizations to build, deploy, manage, and test their mobile implementation rapidly and in a scalable manner. Quick mobile app development and customization is enabled with end-to-end mobile application lifecycle management tools and APIs, and open standards-based back-end data integration.

Kony’s mission is to develop the technologies and applications to “Empower Everywhere”; to enable consumers and employees to access any app, on any device, anywhere, any time. By delivering the mobile industry’s most functionally robust and stable Mobile Application Development Platform, Kony has gained the trust and confidence of numerous global brands, which rely on Kony to deliver mobile presence and commerce. Kony has engagements for consumer and enterprise-focused projects in 38 countries totaling over 1 billion sessions per year across Travel, Automotive, Financial services, Insurance, Healthcare, Commerce and more.


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