Quality Assurance


is an integral part of the CoE whether for new product or software development the complexity of the roles, tools and techniques needed for quality.


Raqmiyat understands the unique testing needs of the emerging applications across segments and leverages its deep QA expertise to provide highly mature testing offerings that cover all key facets of complete Quality Assurance needs.

QA Services Portfolio


• General Application quality assurance


• Automation testing


• Cross platform testing


• Device-specific testing


• Performance testing


• Usability testing


• Security testing



• Risk and Compliance – We embrace it as critical and deploy standards and facilitate understanding throughout the organization.


• Human Resources and Administrative Support


• Project Management Office (PMO) –successful PMOs grow beyond that single focus and take on a full CoE role around project management. This emphasis has been practiced and proven.


• Communications – Corporate communications, employee and customer relations are activities that are often supported by a centralized support process or function. Their role is to support the line business around this focus area.