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Raqmiyat embraces Oracle Cloud ERP for automating its business Processes – Raqmiyat has gone live with word class Oracle Cloud ERP recently with Cloud Financials, Supply Chain and Cloud Projects with the following solutions

Smart Business Solutions (SBS)

• Standardized business processes across the organization and ensured integration of legacy systems with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud for a much lower total cost of ownership than an on-premises solution would have required—enabling the company to pursue its growth.


• Facilitated accurate analysis of every project for effective decision-making by creating simplified, automatically updated transactions and financial reports for meeting various managerial and functional requirements, including real-time reporting and easy consolidation of financial reports.


• Improved internal controls, such as monitoring the consumption of medical supplies through improved inventory and consumption reporting and comparison with forecasts, by moving from paper-based processes to a fully integrated Oracle ERP Cloud.


• Gained the ability to monitor and centralize procurement processes used at different facilities to better forecast and compare expenditure per facility by enabling item-level coding.


• Streamlined procurement by empowering staff with easy-to-use procurement templates, full visibility across two inventory locations, and more negotiation capacity by bundling orders.

• Streamlined the business processes across its head office, Abu Dhabi and KSA branches.