IT Consultancy Services

IT applications & solutions are constantly evolving & have potential to change the way companies do business. Organizations have to realize full potential of technology breakthroughs. We offer our customers the full range of IT Strategy and Smart Business Solutions consulting ranging from backbone ERP, Analytics, Mobility solutions.


IT is increasingly a critical enabler of business transformation and growth and needs to play a fundamentally different role as it partners with the business. IT-enabled businesses advance products and innovation, and foster customer-led growth. 


Raqmiyat helps clients realize the full potential of their IT investment.


What WE DO?

Our technology experts guide customers towards below four major questions:
1. How does technology enable the business today & in the future?
2. What is the current state & future aspirations of technology capabilities?
3. How can we close technology gap?
4. How do we deliver the future state, taking budgets and competing investments priorities into account?


Services Offerings:
Technology Solutions: (Infrastructure, Applications, Data etc.)


•  IT Health Check: Assess the health of key IT functions in an organization and arrive at relevant Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs).
 IT Strategy Assessment and Roadmap: Define a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all business functions
 Cloud Strategy: Assess the cloud adoption of existing IT infrastructure within an organization to various deployment models
 Cost Optimization: Identify cost optimization opportunities across technology areas
IT Capabilities: (Organization, Processes, Talent etc.) 
•  IT Skills Assessment: Align talent with your business needs, thereby improving organizational and individual performance to create greater shareholder value
•  Organizational Structure Definition: Create an operational structure by defining accountability, skill, competency and governance through our focus on IT operating model design and people-process-technology across your organization’s transformation lifecycle
•  IT Sourcing Strategy: Create sourcing optimizations with clear benefits and evaluating vendors, location and pricing models
•  Cost Optimization: Identify cost optimization opportunities across people and business process areas